As you know, we like to catch up with our artists every now and then – to see the business from their perspective and understand the highs and lows of working in an industry that demands the highest standards of entertainment. Fortunately, we also get to work with some of the very best acts in the UK (which certainly makes our job easier.) This week, we grabbed five minutes with Paul from Jukebox – one of the best and most versatile function bands in the UK:

Hi Paul, let’s start off with an easy one – how did Jukebox meet?

Jukebox began as a group of university friends getting together to perform at a University Christmas Party. We rehearsed extensively for a number of weeks learning songs from artists such as Stevie Wonder, Jackson 5, Bruno Mars, Chaka Kahn as well a learning a few Christmas hits.

During the rehearsals and the performance we had so much fun playing these great songs, I soon realised the potential with Jukebox and so we began to take this more seriously.

We did our research into the industries we wanted to work in and so worked hard in the rehearsal rooms and on our promotional material including photos, recordings, videos and exhibiting at events such as The National Wedding Show. Now years later we perform up and down the UK at over one hundred Weddings, Corporate Events and Private Parties sending our a variety of highly skilled, highly trained professional bands and musicians. We are now one of the most in-demand party bands in the UK!

We work very hard at what we do, but we have so much fun doing it. It’s more than just a job, delivering exceptional performances is a passion!

What’s the most exciting gig you’ve played?

There’s been so many it’s difficult and a little unfair to pick one! At Jukebox we offer a variety of band options one being our 13 piece powerhouse unit Jukebox Big Band. There’s always something extra special when this band gets together for a big Wedding or Corporate Event!

What’s the most bizarre request (musical or otherwise) you’ve had from a client?

Definitely ‘Just A Gigalo’ by David Lee Roth! It was a request at one of our very first Wedding performances some years ago. It was actually a lot of fun to play!

Has anything embarrassing ever happened whilst Jukebox have been playing?

We’ve been lucky in that nothing too embarrassing has ever really happened!

But we had one issue once with a power cut due to a generator failure at the venue, so that set the Wedding back around two hours. By the time a new generator arrived and we started playing the guests where really up for a party and it turned out to be a fantastic night!

Oh and there’s been a couple of embarrassing dance moves on and off stage!

How many gigs do you play a year?

We perform at over 100 events a year!

How’s 2016 shaping up?

We’ve had a really fast start to 2016 and the months ahead look great we’ll be sending band’s and musicians across the UK as far south as Devon and as far north as Aberdeen.

It’s really is great that we get to perform at so many different venues across the UK as no two events or performances are the same.

Looking ahead to 2017 and 2018, bookings are already coming in fast! We are already looking at developing new promotional material so we’ll hitting the studio at the end of this year to record some new tracks. Plus we have other plans in development as we look to grow and improve our business and products in the coming years! But one thing will remain constant and that is we’ll continue to deliver exceptional performances for every event!