At Simon Greenhill, we like performers that are a little different. Performers that don’t worry too much about convention, or craft their image too carefully. We like artists who are unashamedly individual, whose personalities ensure that clients want to work with them again and again. If you’re looking for talent, performance and individuality all wrapped up in one superb performance, then you don’t need to look any further than Jasz Vegas. A fire eating, burlesque performing magician, Jasz is sure to provide entertainment unlike anything you’ve seen before. Combining superb sleight of hand magic with spectacular shows, Jasz has taken her performances all over the world, from the UK to Broadway. She’s starred in her own BBC TV show, Killer Magic and has earned her title as one of the top magicians in the country.

With vibrant hair, a fabulous fashion sense and a gaze that could shatter the London shard, Jasz Vegas is a showgirl extraordinaire with a magic touch. Jasz Vegas holds a varied and impressive skill set; from burlesque to freak show, enthralling fire performance to impressive sleight of hand magic, she’ll leave you with a thumping in your chest and your jaw on the floor. Click here to find out more.