You might be thinking to yourself: what on earth has The Ashes got to do with team building at Simon Greenhill Entertainment? Well, actually, more than you may think.

Team building is all about a group of people learning how to communicate with each other, identifying what their strengths and weaknesses are, feeling valued and motivated, establishing common goals and improving team productivity. This year, Australia has been hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons. We’ve seen them plummet into crisis, humiliate themselves and lose hope as the world has watched on in pure dismay. We’ve seen them fall apart, and fail to get themselves back together or learn from their mistakes. We’ve seen a complete breakdown in team morale: a lacklustre, unenthused and embarrassing set of performances.

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At the other end of the spectrum, we’ve seen England prevail. England cricketer Stuart Broad stated that, “Four-to-one sounds better than 3-2. You work very hard to gain upper advantages in the series and we want to make sure we are ruthless this week… There’s a lot of determination to finish this series really strongly”, highlighting England’s ambitious and impressive attitude to complete a 4-1 series victory over Australia tomorrow. Australia certainly has their work cut out in order to recover from what we’ve witnessed this year at The Ashes. They now need to focus on learning from what’s gone wrong, and move forward in a productive and meaningful way together as a team.

The message here is clear: team building is critical. The theatrical approach to team building at Simon Greenhill Entertainment presents the opportunity to challenge employees in a fun and exciting environment, while developing these crucial communication skills and camaraderie between employees. Exercises are tailored to get the most out of a team, and encourage a positive can-do attitude that employees can apply in the workplace. Using a set of established techniques to get the best out of a team of actors enables a team to perform at their optimum, creating a greater impact on the success of your business. The impact of this approach and techniques are aimed at refining team dynamics, ownership, development, loyalty and ultimately performance. Not to mention, it’s also a lot of fun!

Just like we’ve seen at The Ashes this year, working together as a team, communicating effectively and knowing what your role is, is integral to being successful. When these elements aren’t there, cracks start to appear, morale breaks down and failure inevitably follows.

Remember, the team that plays together stays together!

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What is your act?

Magic and mind reading.

How was your act formed?

When my mummy and daddy had a special cuddle.

Who or what inspires you?

Mostly Simon inspires me, but also Star Wars.

When did you start working with Simon?


Why did you decide to start working with Simon?

He is a very nice man and he begged me to.

What are your highlights from your time at Simon Greenhill Entertainment?

Performing for Barbara Windsor at Stephen William’s birthday party.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I collect dust.

If you could have one super power, what would it be?

Flight, although I’m scared of heights so I would fly once and then decide, “No that’s not for me.”

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West End leading lady Sophia Ragavelas talks about the ups and downs of life in theatre, the journey of learning her craft while understudying, and going on to play leading roles in Cats, Les Miserables and Mamma Mia. Sophia gives an honest account of life as an actress and how she has found a work/life balance under and away from the spotlight. A must listen for all musical theatre fans.

Best seats in the house: The Simon Greenhill Podcast ep:2 Sophia Ragavelas by Simon Greenhill on Mixcloud

At Simon Greenhill Entertainment, the weird and wonderful is wholly embraced. Why not add something completely different to your event? From fire eating and body burning, to captivating aerial and acrobatic displays, stand out from the crowd with first-class, unique entertainment.

Victoria Bye

Fire eating, breathing, body burning, fire fans, stilt walking and angle grinding – Victoria Bye does it all. Victoria is also trained in ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, improvisation and freestyle. Having performed at 18-30’s Carnival Street Parties as a Fire Performer, One Stop Entertainment & Louise G Productions as a Dance Captain, and Circus Vergas as a Showgirl Dancer, to name but a few, Victoria has extensive experience as an entertainer.

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La Luna

Combining the grace and fluidity of classical ballet with the power and strength of aerial hoop, La Luna is a dynamic and distinctive act, fast becoming one of the UK’s most popular aerial acts. The only one of its kind here in the UK, La Luna has broken boundaries in their unique design, bringing captivating performances to the forefront of venues, audiences and events across the UK and Europe. The creative freestanding design of this act means that La Luna can be performed anywhere.

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Katie & Leyla

Starfiz are international performing circus artists, Katie Hardwick & Leyla Rees, who specialise in aerial entertainment on silks, hoop and spinning silks. Having trained together since the age of eight, Katie and Leyla are a perfectly synchronised duo, providing duo, solo and group acts for corporate events, product launches, event entertainment, cabarets, weddings and outdoor festivals, amongst others. Starfiz provide unforgettable feature acts, ambient aerial performances and bespoke acts. They are also Emma Insley Aerial Creation Fund Award winners, with their unique act Spinning Silks premiering at Glastonbury Festival and The Roundhouse CircusFest.

Find out more here.

Champagne Glitterati

Champagne turns any event into a celebration! When giving your guests something extra special to drink, why not serve it in an extra special way? This world-class aerial act is a fabulous choice for any celebratory occasion, mixing effortless acrobatic skill with oodles of charm. Suspended above your guests, this act performs in aerial hoops or harnesses. With outstanding aerial and musical talents, combined with a selection of exquisite costumes, make your event truly spectacular by adding a touch of The Glitterati.

Find out more here.

Aerial Hoop

Set in a white hoop suspended in the air, this is an exceptionally enchanting act for any event. The aerialist moves gracefully in the air, using the hoop, while the beautiful and haunting melodies add to this elegant performance. A seamless and one-of-a-kind blend of strength, flexibility and balletic movement come together in this act to create a unique style that will both move and elevate the audience.

Find out more here.

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Simon Greenhill Entertainment boasts a vast and diverse network of exceptional talent, and at the heart of it are clever and accomplished people who are passionate about what they do. Take a look at Simon’s selection of top 5 acts – each one unique with something special to offer any event.

Operatic Singing Waiters

The Operatic Singing Waiters started out as a revolutionary act in the UK. This is where it all began for Simon Greenhill, and the act that put him on the map. The Singing Waiters have performed in over thirty countries, from smaller, intimate gatherings, to large award ceremonies and weddings. The Singing Waiters are undeniably original, top-notch entertainment for any event. Some of the West End’s biggest stars have even donned the famous chef’s hat! What sets these waiters apart is the sheer attention to detail in storytelling, ensuring an unforgettable experience of music, characters and magnificent performances.

Find out more here.

Jon Hart

Hailed as ‘the next big thing’ and ‘a terrifically accomplished musician’, Jon Hart’s list of accomplishments extends further than most people’s in a lifetime! From hosting the London Guitar Night at the Troubadour, to appearing on Gibson’s new music channel, Jon Hart certainly does raise the bar to impressive heights. Not to mention, he also won the Best Musical Act at the National Wedding Industry Awards. Jon’s impressive repertoire of music means that he is not only the perfect choice for weddings, but any kind of occasion too.

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Chicks ‘n’ Tricks

Redefining the concept of the conventional magician, Chicks ‘n’ Tricks are set to revolutionise the entertainment industry. Chicks ‘n’ Tricks are the world’s only super group of female magicians, performing their own wonderful style of magic. They have wowed audiences at parties, balls, award ceremonies, film premieres, weddings, exhibitions stands and launches, in fact any event that requires a bit of flair and glamour. Whether it’s close up, mentalism, street magic or grand illusions you’re after, Chicks ‘n’ Tricks can do it all… but with a little added glamour, elegance and style.

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Vibetown are a marvellous 6-piece that specialise in playing pop, rock, funk and soul. They are made up of some of the UK’s finest musicians, who collectively have played with some of the biggest names in pop music – we’re talking Westlife, Five, The Australian Pink Floyd, Pixie Lott and Kelly Rowland, to name but a few. Vibetown are now one of the most sought after live corporate and function bands in the UK, and with good reason. They have played over 500 functions, weddings, parties and corporate events to audiences up and down the country, as well as abroad. Vibetown are the number one Yorkshire function band, wedding and party band, and also the 2015 winners of the prestigious Best Wedding Band Award at The Wedding Industry Awards.

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Dan Cutting

Dan is a football freestyler, with his skills taking him to over twenty countries and allowing him to work alongside some of the world’s biggest brands, such as Coca Cola, Sony, Adidas and London 2012. Dan’s impressive ability to combine his football skills with entertainment means a huge and varied audience can enjoy what he has to offer. He has performed at a number of different events, from school assemblies for children with learning disabilities, to corporate events for companies and brands. He is a natural born performer who has a passion for entertaining people of all ages. Not only this, he also has five standing World Records – he certainly is at the top of his game!

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Jeremy Secomb tells his story of growing up in the outback in Australia, to his life in London’s West End, with appearances as The Phantom in Phantom of the Opera, Jerry Springer the Opera, Evita and currently the title role in Tooting Arts Clubs extraordinary production of Sweeney Todd.

Best seats in the house: The Simon Greenhill Podcast ep1: Jeremy Secomb by Simon Greenhill on Mixcloud