Does your band sell out an arena? Very nice. Stadium? Impressive. When it comes to venues, we all have our pecking order. We all grade an act on where it performs, whether the venue is in or whether they fill it out. There are things, however, that one can’t measure. And one of those (dear boy) is class. And we know a venue that has just such the thing. And more than that, we’ll be working alongside them very soon. Step forward (metaphorically) The Royal Albert Hall.

We’re delighted that having carved out niche hospitality in the West End for London theatre goers, we’ll now being providing theatre hospitality options for this most prestigious of venues. World famous as the host of the Proms, it’s witnessed performances by just about every major star of the last century, from Eric Clapton to George Harrison. Combined with its spectacular events from Circue Du Soleil to the English Ballet, the Hall is bursting with talent all year round.

We’re delighted to be sourcing the very best entertainment for our clients, whatever their taste. One thing’s for sure, with a venue like this, it will always taste good…