Well, here we are: My very first blog! What more is there to say? Err, lots, actually. Surely that’s the whole point of a blog, isn’t it?

So, my team at Simon Greenhill Entertainment, and possibly more importantly in this instance, my digital marketing team at WUWO Media asked me to write a blog post. This blog post will open what will undoubtedly be a really fun and informative series of blog posts over the foreseeable future, written and distributed by a team of skilled professionals. No pressure on me then!

Well, actually, as anyone who knows me, I am not averse to being in pressured situations or putting myself out of my comfort zone. In fact, I feel comfortable being uncomfortable – if that makes any sense whatsoever!

Although I’m not really one to look back, I have my eyes firmly fixed on today and tomorrow. It is funny when your mind sometimes wanders off and you begin thinking about how on earth you have arrived where you are.

Let me give you an example.

When & where: Saturday evening, somewhere in The New Forest.

Cast: Simon, his beautiful wife and his three incredible children who fill him with more surprise, delight and pride then anyone will ever know.

Background: Simon has always found camping in the countryside exciting, from his first experience as a little boy with his own parents and brother and sister. So, to take his family away on their first camping trip as a responsible adult filled him with a large amount of fear, but mostly, with pride and a massive helping of excitement.

Writer’s notes: So, the important words in that sentence are “responsible adult”. Responsible adult? Really?

Narrative: As they sat in an idyllic spot on Saturday evening around the campfire (slight exaggeration, it was actually a camping stove with gas canister), drinking hot chocolate and the kids roasting marshmallows on said “campfire”, Simon sat looking at the stars. Which, unlike the campfire, were not only real, but shining ever so brightly. His mind wandered and started to think about how wonderful life really is! Simon is incredibly thankful for what he has and is grateful for the people around him!

OMG this is getting kind of deep for a first blog! Bear with me reader!

For a boy who left school at 16 years old, I have not done too badly. Let’s go back to the point I made about my “comfort zone”. I have never shied away from taking the path or making the choice that will hopefully lead me to where I want to go, rather than taking the easy choice.

As a result of this, I have been to places, that as a boy, I only ever dreamt about visiting. I have had the fortune as a performer to perform in stadiums and theatres around the world, where even today, I literally pinch myself at the thought of it. I have met and created a network of weird and really wonderful people from different industries, nationalities, creed and colour.

What I pride myself on mostly is that I have my own set of principles, ethics and outlook on life that I vehemently try to uphold every single day. I hope that this comes across in our blog posts in the future, as well as our entertainment, our team building and our hospitality.

So, please enjoy our blog, feel free to leave us your comments and I look forward to getting to know you.

Simon x