I’d planned to spend a little time today looking at the England football match against the Netherlands that’s coming up tomorrow, as we prepare for Euro 2016 later in the year. I thought it would be a nice opportunity to look at how teams prepare; how you don’t necessarily use your best performers all at once; how a tournament represents a squad focused, long term approach etc.

But then came Saturday, and I thought blow that. England were fantastic on Saturday night in Berlin. It brought memories flooding back of another exceptional game against the Germans back in 2001 when we beat them 5-1 on home soil. This time round, we controlled the game, played well and initially went 2-0 down. So far, so England. But the passion we showed to score three in the last thirty minutes was exceptional. And what a three it’s always annoyed me that England seem to struggle to score in open play, we usually scrape through from a penalty or set piece, but these were three fantastic goals. As if Harry Kane’s Cruyff turn wasn’t enough fooling the defence and heading back to goal to slot it in the far corner out of Neuer’s reach Jamie Vardy’s goal has to have been the best debut goal ever scored by an England player. You know someone’s playing with confidence when they’re prepared to let a cross go through their legs so that they can nonchalantly back heal the ball past the best goalkeeper in the world.

Confidence. That’s what stood out on Saturday night. And it made me realise that teams can achieve incredible things when they have the confidence to believe that anything is possible. If you can instil confidence in a group of people – not just in themselves, but in each other – then achievement is the inevitable result.

At Simon Greenhill we like to draw heavily on our theatrical links. An industry that thrives on confidence in the team’s ability to present their work night after night to thousands of instant critics. We know how to build teams – to transfer the skills that thrive in the theatre to the workplace; to enable people to believe in themselves and trust their colleagues.

We’re very excited that 2016 is already booking up quickly, as companies all across the UK are asking us to help with their approaches to teambuilding. To find out more about what we do, and how we could benefit your teams, click here.